Team Human: “It Starts With Listening”

Playing for Team Human today is Danielle Butin, founder of the Afya Foundation. Afya collects and sends surplus medical supplies from the US to those who need them around the world. In today’s conversation with Douglas, Danielle shares not only stories of the good accomplished through Afya, but also a broader strategy for human intervention. How did Danielle, an occupational therapist and geriatric care provider, come to launch an organization that has shipped more than six million pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies into areas of crisis? Danielle describes the change that can come by the simple act of listening and then responding to need. She shares her zeal for deep human encounters and teaches that great ideas are “dancing among us” if we choose to be awake and aware enough to take notice.

Douglas begins today’s episode with a monologue about the “might makes right” mentality that may just be the key to deconstructing the underpinnings of the racist rhetoric and policy so prominent under this administration.


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