Team Human: Stupid Smart Cities and the Real Economy

Start your week off with two great Team Human conversations.

This week we featured the brilliant technology and society researcher Molly Sauter.

Molly helps us to see how stupid some “smart city” visions really are. Molly and Douglas discuss the extractive, “mining ethos” of the tech investment swarm, and how this mentality does harm to communities from Silicon Valley to Toronto, Canada. Is your city the next VC Guinea pig in the technocratic experiment to “grow” cities and extract their value?

Plus Rushkoff opens with a monologue on why futurists suck!

This episode pairs well with Ep. 84. Check out this conversations with outsider economist Charles Hugh Smith. How might we rethink economy in terms of universal basic assets, distributism, and the promotion of community over alienation.


In this episode monologue, Douglas considers the “Art of the Deal.” Perhaps a truly artful deal is one that engages us in relationships of collaboration rather than self-interest.

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