Testament Book Two: West of Eden

It’s out! The second collected set of Testament (Rolling Stone’s “Hot Comic” of the year) is now available at comic shops, bookstores, and links like this one.

This book starts the series over – quite literally, in fact – beginning with the Genesis creation story and its modern parallel: the generation of an AI lifeform by Alan Stern. Of course, the nano-bots all have the shape of the Eye of Horus, and Goddess Astarte manages to insinuate herself into the Garden of Eden as a lovely tree.

The best part of it all is that the volume concludes with a 9000-word set of notes to the entire collection, including the first trade. All the Bible and historical references you need to assure yourself that these stories and their allegories have a basis in exegesis (objective textual and historical study).

This collection offers readers a new entrypoint to the comic, so that it’s not required to have read the first five issues to begin anew here.