Testament Collection is Out!

The first five issues of Testament are now available in a collected edition. This is the right way to read this comic book. No ads, no month-long wait for the next 22 pages, and a nice explanatory introduction. This is the whole Akedah and then some, told as you probably never heard it before.

Get it in your favorite comics shop, or at a really nice discount from Amazon.com right here, or Barnes and Noble right here. (Republicans should by from Republican-supporting Amazon, and Democrats should buy from Democrat-funder BN. More on that.)

I’m really proud of this thing, and reading over it really makes me feel like this is the moment of my writing career when I’m truly on top of my game. Though the opportunity arose in a very whimsical fashion, this series may just end up being my best literary achievement. It’s certainly the smartest and richest story I’ve ever had the pleasure of telling – and the most dedicated team of people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of telling one, especially mad artist Liam Sharp, behind-the-scenes savior Peter Gross, and editors Jon Vankin and Pornsak Pichetshote. Most of all, deep thanks to those of you who supported its writing by purchasing all those comics. You are what made the series possible.

In other news, I’m returned and recovered from Comic-Con. It was an inspiring weekend – one where I met the sweetest and most generous breed of writer and artist I’ve ever encountered. I knew there were genuinely smart writers out there who were also genuinely nice. I was just looking in the wrong places.

So now I’m all aglow, getting ready to set up a shared space by the Gowanus Canal with fellow Brooklyn comics folks. How quickly the scene changes, sometimes.