Testament is Complete

The complete Testament series, with annotation, is now available in four trade volumes from Vertigo/DC Comics. They’re in stock at most comics shops, and shipping from Amazon or other regular bookstores before the end of the week.

Testament 1: Akedah

Testament 2: West of Eden

Testament 3: Babel

Testament 4: Exodus

I’m delighted to see them all available at the same time, so that the whole story can be read and comprehended as a single experience. Yes, even the real Torah gets read mostly in weekly portions, but this story – which depicts a near-future plagued by a war over oil and a technologically enabled, viral global currency – definitely works better in book form than it did in individual pamphlets. Plus, DC let me add commentary, explanations, and references to these editions, which really do help readers use the story as a starting place and link to some important but relatively unknown material.