The Crowd – a new roundtable at PBS Digital Nation

I’m moderating a conversation between the smartest people I know thinking about open source, crowd-sourcing, the hive, and digital mob behavior over at It has already evolved into a mind-expanding, passionate, no-holds-barred conversation.

You are all invited to participate along with:

Danah Boyd – Social Media Researcher, Microsoft Research; Fellow, Berkman Center of Internet and Society, co-author, Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out.

Amy Bruckman – Associate Professor, Electronic Learning Communities, Georgia Institute of Technology

Nicholas Carr – author, The Big Switch and the forthcoming The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains .

Kevin Kelly – Senior Maverick, Wired magzine. Author, Out of Control, and What Technology Wants – coming in October

Mark Pesce – co-inventor of VRML, founder, FutureSt social web consultancy, author, Share This Book (upcoming)

Clay Shirky – NYU Interactive Telecommunications Programm, author Here Comes Everybody

RU Sirius – co-founder, Mondo2000, Editor, H+ magazine

Sherry Turkle – Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, author, The Second Self, Simulations and Its Discontents, and Alone Together (forthcoming)

Jimmy Wales – Co-founder, Wikipedia. Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation.