The Last Testament

The final single issue of Testament comes out next week. The last collection, complete with notes, will be following by summer. It’s been quite a ride, and the end came a bit sooner than I might have liked in an ideal world, but the story definitely reaches its conclusion.

I just saw Zeitgeist, that online documentary about the Bible, terrorism, centralized economics and RFID chips. It’s pretty much the pessimistic version of the same story – but told in a non-fiction narrative. Still, the parallels are kind of shocking. Check it out if you can keep yourself from falling into the agitprop nature of its assertions about the mechanics of 9-11. (I still don’t need scenarios about controlled detonations to understand how the event ultimately fits – or was made to fit – into a bigger agenda.)

Here’s the description of the last issue, along with a particularly nice cover. Thanks to all who worked on this book, particularly those who were there from beginning to end: Liam Sharp, Peter Gross, Jonathan Vankin, Pornsak Pinchote, Todd Klein, Jim Devlin, and our fearless leader, Karen Berger.

In the final issue of TESTAMENT, human beings, led by Jake and his father, rise to the level of their gods, exploiting the creative power of the nanos within them. But there’s only room for one set of gods in this universe, and the Bible’s deities will not go down without a fight. Finally, as a new reality emerges, a child waiting to be born, holds the key to humanity’s next great story.