The Needs of the One

…simply can’t distract the entire world from the deaths of the many. Or can they?

President Bush has, for the very first time in is entire presidency, cut his vacation short in order to return to the White House and sign an arguably unconstitutional bill forcing a feeding tube to be shoved back down the throat of a brain-dead woman in Florida. This unprecedented action by Bush (cutting his vacation short) attests to the newsworthiness of the issue.

I knew Karl Rove would figure out a way to revive this lame duck president from his failure to convince America that they should replace Social Security with unfunded Charles Schwab accounts – while distracting America and Congress from Tom Delay’s ethical problems in the same stroke.

The object of the game is to recontextualize anyone who supports constitutionality, separation of powers, or any obstacle to fascism as some kind of murderer.

They’re already losing on the abortion issue, now that Hillary Clinton, of all people, has finally come up with the best-yet Leftie retort to Bush’s anti-abortion policies. Last week, she simply showed that abortions went down during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and back up during Bush’s. Bans on sex education, it turns out, account for most unwanted pregnancies. “Seven percent of American women who do not use contraception account for 53 percent of all unintended pregnancies,” she has explained. This put pro-lifers in a defensive crouch for the first time in years. In defending their pro-life and pro-sperm principles, they have to defend more fetal murders!

So, onto another purely emotional issue. While defending a woman from a set of instructions she apparently gave to her husband about her own treatment, this same Congress is defending Big Pharmaceuticals from class action suits and from investigation into mercury poisoning associated with child vaccines. It’s also, in its new budget plans, defending the elderly poor from the crippling and disincentivizing effects of Social Security – while increasing benefits to the wealthiest 10% of the elderly.

Besides all this, Congressional intervention in this case is a violation of separation of powers – all so that Tom Delay can parade one poor victim through the halls of Congress, and get photo ops of his defense of a living soul against the heartless, atheistic rationalism of the left. Here’s an opportunity to rescue Laci from Scott Peterson before he yanks the tube!

Defending the life of a woman with only brain stump activity, against her wishes, while perpetrating, encouraging, or passively permitting the deaths of millions at home, in the Middle East, and Africa, is a shell game unworthy of Americans’ intelligence.

Then again, given the total coverage this single issue is getting on television and radio news, maybe that intelligence is being systematically downgraded.

If only the Michael Jackson judge had permitted cameras in the courtroom…