The Next Book

Finally settled in with a new publisher on a new book. Everyone’s been asking about it, and for once I’m trying my darnedest to take advantage of that rather than shying away from it.

Often, it’s only after I’ve completed and even done a year of touring and speaking about a book that I feel ready to really write it. Of course then it’s too late to include responses to all those great questions that come up from readers, or requests for examples, or even suggestions of examples to include.

So this time I’m going to try to share what I’m working on as I work on it, and even create a few forums through which I can engage with people on the main ideas of the book. Not a Wiki, but some robust conversations – perhaps even some real world forums. (Remember what it was like to get a room with people and actually interact?)

For now, the working title of the book is “Corporatism: How we surrendered values for value, meaning for markets, and citizenship for customer service.” But that’s really a placeholder for a more precise and, hopefully, provocative/evocative title. I’m hoping to develop something more useful than a leftist/Marxist response to a market-driven culture, and instead look at the co-evolution of the notions of the “self” and the corporation – how these two constructions feed off one another.

More soon. I have some reading to do.