The Secret

I’m interested in critiquing a phenomenon known as “The Secret” in my next book. For me, it is a natural extension of the faulty logic and intention going into the self-help movement from the beginning. I wrote about this when I came back from speaking (barely) at a Deepak Chopra conference in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago – but I think there’s a larger argument to be made about the marriage of spirituality, the free market, and strident individualism.

Has anyone come into contact with The Secret (dvd torrent available at Mininova, ‘teachers’ interviewed Larry King last week), and have anything to say about it – good or bad? Does anyone else see the “self help” movement as an amplification of a certain kind of selfishness? Is anyone else bothered by this juxtaposition of capitalism, quantum physics, and human transformation?

Or is this all simply the power of positive thinking? Is resistance not only futile, but cancer-producing?

If the conversation gets too involved for this forum, I’ll use it as an excuse to get a bbs up.