Two New Interviews

Two great new interviews with me have gone up in the last week. I think they both cover some new ground.

“…I do believe that those who can see – those who are willing to see what’s going on in this world, and feel obligated to do something about it – they are outcasts. I’m not sure whether they’re outcasts because of how they feel, or whether their status as outcasts makes them uniquely capable of seeing how things are.”

Bakers Dozen

“…But when the story, the genre, the medium, and the theme all merge, then it’s magic. (Or magick.) Then you’re really happy that there’s an audience who won’t be attracted unless you create an artifact worthy of attention – because you only get there if you’ve worked out the kinks, and gotten your own agendas out of the way of the characters’ or the story’s. Ultimately, if you’re going to play around with myth, you’ve got to disappear.”