Upcoming Appearances

I thought I should let people know about these upcoming talks. They’re on the talks page, as always, but it’s probably as hard for you to remember to check there as it is for me to remember to post.

April 16 – New York. Disinfo at CUNY. Rushkoff and others show how Everything You Know is Wrong.

April 22 – Brooklyn. “Judaism and the Undoing of Religion.” Sponsored by Community Books and Kolot Chayenu. Church of Gethsemane 1012 8th Avenue (at 10th street), Park Slope. 7:30pm

I’ve been overwhelmed with my work load, lately, and am looking for ways to cut back. The question, as always, is what to cut out? The Frontline documentary? Teaching at NYU? Public speaking? Writing my column? Playing in PTV3? Writing my new book?

Time will tell – but expect some changes. Something’s gotta give.