Vote for Testament

If you like my comic book Testament, and want (as I do) to see it published for another year or more, please consider nominating it for the Eagle Award for Favourite New Comic of 2006.

It’s not too hard to get through the form (you don’t have to nominate in more than one category) and the top five nominees get voted on in March for the prize. Once you’ve filled out the top with your name and an email address, you can nominate my category about halfway down the page. (Please also consider nominating Liam Sharp for artist, and me for creator/writer. But I think the only place we stand a true chance is Favourite New Comicbook.)

Eagle Awards are based in the UK, and represent the voice of real readers as opposed to those of just creators or industry types. And publishers really do use them as a gauge on how successfully their titles are reaching an audience.

So please help keep this book alive. I want to make it at least through to the Romans! You can do it right here.